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I just want to know where this mad libertarian scientist's lab is that is cranking these babes out. - JW

The attention we've been getting is appreciated, but the site is little more than a placeholder right now. I plan to have a revamped site up soon. Please check back.


The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs

We're lucky 13!


Looking forward to 2012:

Angela Keaton + Michelle Shinghal

= the hottest presidential ticket ever



On the Virtue of Voting Third Party

This country is a one-party country. Half of it is called Republican and half is called Democrat. It doesn't make any difference. All the really good ideas belong to the libertarians. -Hugh Downs


If you plan on voting for the "lesser of two evils"-- or sitting out on the presidential election altogether-- please reconsider.

An individual vote for one of the two major candidates (one vote out of tens of millions) would mean practically nothing. There's little real difference between the candidates; and unless something dramatic happens last minute, Obama is going to win. A vote for McCain isn't going to accomplish anything, and a vote for Obama would be superfluous.

However, you can use that vote to express support for ideas that lie outside the false dichotomy of our current political paradigm. Even if you oppose the election process itself on principle, is it really such an ethical contradiction to encourage greater exposure for a third-party perspective? Your vote can help ensure future ballot access, media attention, and even participation in debates.

If you feel that noone represents you enough to deserve your vote, or you simply refuse to symbolically surrender your sovereignty, writing yourself in may be an option.

Abstention is likely to be read as apathy and acquiescence rather than dissent. If you're determined to boycott, at least do so loudly.



Babe Theory of Political Movements

Look for the babes, and that's where the social action is, that's where the success will be. - Will Franklin

As a libertarian woman, I've grown accustomed to being regarded as a political cryptid. The men far outnumber us in meetups, conventions, and online forums.

We're out there, though-- carrying the banner, debating, educating, building community, and representing the feminine side of principled individualism. And our numbers are growing.

Lady Liberty

Creating this website has given me an excuse to network with some of the most beautiful, interesting, intelligent women I've ever met. If they are able to use their physical charms to draw attention and further disseminate a worthwhile message, then hey, bonus. ;)

The gallery and forum are not yet up. If you'd like to help/participate, please contact me through myspace, facebook, or email. Thanks!

- L. Belle